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Welcome to First Presbyterian Church Frankfort’s Website!

We are located in historic downtown Frankfort, Ky., and within walking distance of several downtown shops, banks, and restaurants. We have been in our current location and building since 1849 and will be celebrating 200 years of being constituted as a church in 2015.  We are members of Downtown Frankfort Inc. and the Chamber of Commerce. 

Our membership is diverse – young and old, male and female, African and American, professional and working class, employed and unemployed, funny and serious, intellectual and “just the facts ma’am.”

All are welcome and will be warmly greeted.

Our worship style is mostly traditional with integrated elements of African praise music and drama. Children and youth are regularly incorporated into worship leadership as well.

Our Vision Statement:  A Diverse Community Growing in Christ through Worship and Service

Top 10 Reasons to Visit First Presbyterian Church Frankfort

  • God wants you to smiley
  • Worship includes good music, liturgy, and a 15-20 minute sermon
  • Communion on the first Sunday of the month
  • People are lively and fun – no “walking dead” zombies in sight!
  • There is stuff to do – various mission project opportunities are offered each month, including serving at the local Soup Kitchen, leading worship at a local nursing facility, bringing food for the food pantry, cleaning up our fair city through our Adopt-A-Highway workdays, mentoring children through our Walter Todd ministry, volunteering at local shelters, caring for animals at Life House or the Humane Society, annual Clothe-a-child shopping, periodic mission trips, financial assistance to several local ministries, and other opportunities as identified
  • Educational opportunities for people of all ages
  • Significant homebound ministry – CDs (with bulletins) of worship services sent each week and communion taken on first Sunday of the month to our homebound members
  • Frequent fellowship/social opportunities including refreshments after worship each week, periodic hosting of community events, gatherings at congregant’s homes, lunches out together, trips to plays and cultural events
  • Significant number of congregation members are active leaders in local community organizations
  • Beautiful, historic building that is often the perfect venue for weddings

We would love to see you and tell you more.

Sandy Lacey, Pastor


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First Presbyterian Church
416 West Main Street
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Phone (502) 223-8577
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    Sunday School
  • 10:50 AM
    Worship Service
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    Refreshments in Social Hall
Letter to our Leaders

This letter was sent to Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Andy Barr from the Session of First Presbyterian Church.

After prayerful consideration, we, the congregation of First Presbyterian Church in Frankfort, have decided prayer is not enough. We’ve mourned alongside the nation as countless lives have been taken in mass shootings. We’ve attended vigils to remember the victims. And we’ve prayed. How we have prayed.

We prayed after Blacksburg. We prayed after Tucson. After Fort Hood. After Aurora. After Newtown. After Charleston. After San Bernardino. We’ve prayed and prayed and prayed.

After Orlando, we’ve decided we can’t just pray anymore. Just as we were about to lose faith in prayer, we turned to the Bible, which, in James 2:17, stresses, “Thus also by faith itself, if it doesn't have works, is dead.”

You have said many times after these same massacres that the victims and their families are in your prayers. Surely, you, too, are disheartened by how little prayer has accomplished. Surely, you, too, see that these prayers require action to end this cycle of violence. Surely, you, too, want to scream from the rooftops, “Never again!”

The weapons of war that have been used in many of these shootings are fine for the battlefield – that is their intended purpose. But they are not necessary on the city streets and country roads. The victims at the end of the barrels of these military grade guns haven’t been on some far-off battlefield. They’ve been in college classrooms, outside a grocery store, in a movie theater, in a church, in a bar and, perhaps most heartbreaking, in an elementary school. All places where safety should not be a concern.

These military grade weapons should not be available for use outside their intended purpose – for soldiers to use in war. Private citizens should not have access to these guns that leave nothing but carnage in their wake.

We recognize there are other issues involved in these heartbreaking crimes. Some of the shooters have mental health issues; some were put on watch lists for their ties to terrorism. But addressing those issues can be resolved through background checks and a waiting period to get a weapon of any type.

So we are imploring you to take action. Please support common sense gun laws. Ban these military grade weapons, as they were for many years, and prohibit the sale of guns and ammunition to people with mental health issues or who are suspected of ties to terrorism. If they can’t get on an airplane, why should they be able to buy weaponry that puts American lives in danger?

Prayers are important, but without action, they accomplish little. We’re ready. Are you?